vOffice Help center

vOffice is a secure video conference solution for internal and external company communication and organization.

You can use vOffice on any operating system as it is browser-based.

vOffice owners can use the video-call solution on all modern browsers. Google Chrome is the most convenient to use. However, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari are also compatible with vOffice.

To set up your vOffice, go to the homepage, click on “set up now” and follow the short registration process. vOffice will be available to you right away.

Once you create your vOffice URL, you will receive a vOffice invitation link to your e-mail address. You can start it right away. We recommend opening the invitation link with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari browser. We also recommend saving vOffice as a bookmark or installing the Chrome / Edge app.

vOffice Support

Phone: +49 30 43598 – 803
Email: support-voffice@ra-micro.de