vOffice Set-up advice

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  • vOffice can be used on all common PC systems with an internet browser 
  • The PC must have audio equipment (microphone & speakers or headset). A webcam is recommended.
  • vOffice can be used with Edge, Chrome or Safari browsers.
  • Close other video apps such as Skype; they will otherwise block audio and video devices.

In case of connection issues:

  • Check the internet browser security settings, whether access to audio and video devices is blocked by the browser
  • vOffice requires open router ports: TCP 443, TCP 3478, UDP 0 – 65535.

The vOffice Support, Tel.: +49 30 43598 803, Mon.-Thu. 8am-6pm and Fri. 8am-4pm, offers free hotline support for vOffice

You can find further information in the  vOffice Help Center.