The secure virtual office

vOffice - The secure virtual office

Video meetings

Video conferences, screen sharing, e-mail invitation for guest users


Direct and secure peer-to-peer communication and data transfer between devices

Virtual office

"Living" organizational chart: a well-structured base of communication for productive and efficient collaboration


Three levels of management:
section, department, team 


Assign tasks to users, groups or teams.
Monitoring of task status.

Info boards

Notices ("bulletin board") for company information


More efficient directing of teams, better collaboration within teams

User groups

Users can create and administer personal groups of other users and guests

Excel management

Setup of users and organization chart possible via Excel upload.

Software architect and lawyer Dr. Peter Becker

The secure virtual office for lawyers, notaries and tax consultation offices

vOffice is designed to virtualize the personnel collaboration structure of the office and thus replace the traditional personal interaction of employees in offices. RA-MICRO vOffice empowers employees to work regardless of their location. It allows communicating with other employees and external users based on the company’s organizational chart.
The concept of the virtual office and the vOffice software was created by the RA-MICRO enterprise group under the leadership of software architect and lawyer Dr. Peter Becker. It's the perfect solution for companies which, like lawyers, notaries and tax consultants, have particularly high confidentiality requirements.

vOffice licencing

  • vOffice is free for lawyers, notaries and tax consultants
  • No advertising, no data collection
  • Access to full RA-MICRO support.
free virtual office for lawyers, notaries and tax consultants
modern communication with video calls and screen sharing

Modern collaboration

vOffice offers a wide variety of features such as direct or group communication, voice and video calls or screen and data sharing.
vOffice has a pure browser-based architecture with no locally installed client software, ensuring the easiest setup and most ease of use possible.

Security Program Architecture

Peer to Peer Internet Browser Architecture

vOffice uses a peer to peer system in a browser-only environment. All video and sound communication, as well as all picture and data transfer is encrypted end-to-end between devices.
User data and communication content are only stored on the users’ devices. Optionally the data can be backed up on the licence seller’s servers, the licence buyer’s servers or their preferred cloud services. 
vOffice can be used with Chrome, Opera and Edge on Windows and macOS, as well as on mobile devices using iOS or Android.

secure and easy with browser-based video calls

Novelty vOffice – Now available!

vOffice is available for you now and can be immediately set up.

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the perfect communications solution for valuable information

When trust is essential

Companies build on cooperation and trust. When it comes to valuable information, they choose vOffice. Law firms benefit from limitless, secure and productive collaboration.

Working from anywhere

Good communication is essential to every business. Unite the team wherever they are. vOffice empowers employees to work from anywhere and on multiple devices. 

work from anywhere with any device