The secure virtual office with videoconference

vOffice - The secure virtual office

Privacy-compliant video communication for businesses, organizations, and freelancers

Bring all your employees together - whether they work from home, the real office or other locations. Even visitors can enter your virtual office in just a few clicks. Usable with all common internet browsers as well as iOS and Android app.

virtual office

Why vOffice?

  • Privacy and security through end-to-end encryption
  • Productive collaboration through live user status and an interactive organigram
  • Allow colleagues and clients to participate with one click 
  • Easy to use from anywhere without installation


vOffice Video


Videocalls, videoconferencing and presentations with screen sharing, participants can be added to the call at any time

Videocall management

Videocall timer for time optimization and videocall scheduler for effective organization

Waiting room

For invited visitors, customizable (own website)

vOffice Organisation

Interactive organigram

User image view with live status: see directly who is busy, on call or out of office as well as the location (office or home office)

Chat and file transfer

Chat and direct file transfer between participants (without intermediate storage on servers)

Info Board

Notice boards ("Blackboard") for company information

free virtual office for lawyers, notaries and tax consultants

vOffice Licensing

  • Companies from the EU can test vOffice for 30 days, free of charge. After that, vOffice costs only 1 Euro per employee per month.
  • vOffice is free of charge for all lawyers, notaries and tax consultants licensed in Germany.
  • No advertising, no data collection.
  • Full support.

Secure program architecture

Complies with all requirements of the GDPR

vOffice offers videoconferencing and file transfer with secure end-to-end encryption. vOffice has been legally assessed by the Graf von Westphalen law firm regarding the GDPR compliance, information security, and usability by confidential holders such as lawyers.

The expert opinion concludes that vOffice meets all legal requirements of the GDPR.

the perfect communications solution for valuable information

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Get all the benefits of face-to-face communication by hosting virtual meetings
  • Enable your home office teams to collaborate effectively regardless of location
  • Help your employees feel connected to the rest of the team despite physical distance
  • Actively counteract a drop in productivity in the home office
  • Keep your employees informed about current company policies and work requirements
  • Benefit from serverless communications with secure end-to-end encrypted data exchange
  • Use our browser-based solution that does not require a client to be installed on your PC or use one of our mobile apps

Basic information

You can find more answers in the vOffice Help Center